Web + Graphic Design

Intermediate web & graphic design, plus a side of copy writing! 

DeTamble Library Website

From LibGuides to a University Website Page + LibGuides - September 2022 - March 2023

When I arrived at my current position at St. Andrews, the library's web presence consisted of LibGuides (a content management system or CMS specifically for libraries) with a link from the main university website. Rather than duplicate library web content on LibGuides and the college website, I opted to used HTML + CSS to mirror the styling on the main university website.  

DeTamble Library - Page on St. Andrews University website (April 2023)


Library LibGuides, August 2022

Library LibGuides, December 2022 

Sa.edu, December 2022


In early 2023, I found out that the university was planning to implement a major website redesign. Instead of spending hours of code LibGuides to the resemble the new site new website, I instead opted for a compromise: a bona fide landing page on the main university website (rather than a single link to LibGuides) and a refreshed, minimalist redesign of our LibGuides. 

New library landing page on www.sa.edu 

There are some LibGuides features that cannot be replicated or embedded on a Wordpress installation (which sa.edu uses) and yet, I wanted an official presence on the university website. I recreated portions of the library's presence on LibGuides, keeping the original structure but now on the university's Wordpress site. The 'standard' pages, like staff, hours, & services, were transferred to WordPress, while the unique filtering services of LibGuides were retained and linked to sa.edu/library. The Research Guides, a powerful tool for curating info resources by discipline, and the A-Z Database list, a tool for listing and filtering databases by discipline, are strengths of the LibGuides CMS that generic CMS systems cannot rival. 

New Website + Logo - Spring 2021

As a former member of this church, I built a new website from scratch pro bono.  Using Google Sites, I copied the text from the existing site and added several pages and added an original Welcome page where I explained, in succinct, non-theological language, what the church was like and what it means to be Lutheran. 

Since the church had no logo, I created a new logo. After submitting several designs to the church council, the council decided that the logo that incorporates the cross and roof line of the sanctuary was the best one. I also incorporated the red and black color scheme from the website to 'mesh' the logo with the site. I am not a graphic designer, so I simply took an picture of the church, uploaded it to Google Drive and created a rough outline using Google Drawings. Once the outline was complete, I removed the background image and added text.  The product was a simple, modern church logo! 

Screenshot of Church Sanctuary from Google Maps

church logo

Church logo that incorporates roofline of the church, large cross affixed to front of sanctuary. 

Other Projects

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

In the spring of 2018, I began working on a new website for St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY. The website was built using the Weebly platform and incorporated pictures that I took of the sanctuary and services.

In the fall of 2021, I embarked on creating a new library website for Simmons College of Kentucky. Previously, the library had a single page on the main college website. The new site, built in LibGuides, with extensive CSS enhancements, was designed to resemble the new college website

Beginning in late 2022, I began working on a new website for the NC Rural Heritage Center. The site has yet to be launched, but its 99% complete. I made the site in Google Sites, using photos that I took.