Seth Allen, MLIS, MA

Portfolio of a College Library Director, Educational Technology & OER Advocate, & PhD Student

Hi, I'm Seth. Nice to meet you!

I'm a perpetual student and lover of learning. My research and vocational interests are the intersection of technology and the delivery of learning in higher education. I'm working on a PhD in Educational Leadership while serving full-time as a library director in a small, private college in North Carolina. In my spare time, I volunteer with a local history museum, promoting public history. 

Feel free to check out my resume, projects, thoughts, and ask questions along the way. 

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Portfolio Projects

My portfolio projects are listed by three rough (and often overlapping) categories: graphic design & presentations, web design projects, and miscellaneous projects.

Published Articles, Lit Reviews, & Book Reviews, Conference Presentations & Faculty Presentations.

Web Design Projects - Pro Bono & 'Made for Hire' 

Miscellaneous projects on Google Maps